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You can change how you feel about yourself.

With 1v1 coaching I will show you how to adopt a growth mindset and upgrade your beliefs about yourself.



Chico Lizarraga has helped me with my own personal and professional development. His constant wisdom and life advice has helped me get through some tough times. He consistently puts out quality content that reaches people who may not be able to easily access him. Along with helping me develop, I view Chico as a role model and mentor. He's also a handsome man.

Desi Druschel, New York Yankees Pitching Coach

Chico Lizarraga is one of the top up- and- coming coaches. Chico has a deep passion for coaching and is always on the cutting edge of development practices. His drive for self-improvement is clearly evident but Chico's will to improve his clients is his redeeming quality. You can expect development plans to be well thought out, all-encompassing and provide meaningful feedback. Beyond the tactics and practices of improvement, Chico clearly understands and demonstrates the importance of mentorship and positive guidance that true coaching is meant to provide.


Matt Berst, Territory Sales Rep

Chico Lizarraga has played a huge role in developing me as a person. He personally worked with me and pushed me to not just be a successful athlete, but also a strong leader. His ability to connect with all of his clients and build relationships with them is something very special. He is knowledgeable and filled with helpful information about all aspects of life, that has led me to much success. Chico Lizarraga is the guy you want when it comes to a coach. Chico is always learning and putting forth his best effort. He does not just build athletes but most importantly teaches character through his coaching.

Clayton DeBrower, Financial Analyst

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