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2021 Lessons Learned

1. Health is Wealth

“A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought—they must be earned.” -Naval

Above all, take care of yourself and invest in your overall well-being.

2. Family is Everything

Cherish the small things— a call with your mother or a laugh with your brother.

The love, support, and togetherness with your family are what matters most.

3. Connect Faith and Life

I sin all of the time. Instead of looking for validation from an outside source, build a better relationship with Christ.

4. Take a Walk, Without Your Phone

Movement is medicine. A walk stimulates your brain. You’ll be happier and more productive.

You do not need another hit of dopamine; you are not supposed to be constantly wired.

See technology as a tool to support things you value, not as sources of value themselves.

Do not be afraid of silence and missing out.

5. Happiness is a Choice

Like a muscle, it takes practice to build. Happiness comes and goes; we compare things to how they used to be and look anxiously to the future.

Happiness is built by habits. Remove the sense that something is missing from your life, overcome your own limiting beliefs about yourself.

6. Learn to Say No, Often

People-pleasing is overrated. Turn down opportunities; know your worth.

Eliminate any people, distractions, news, or content that does not improve your life.

7. Embrace Impostor Syndrome

We will never feel ready; start anyways.

Quit trying to shield your perceived image of what others think of you–show up, do the work, and don't judge it.

We all feel self-doubt. Build evidence for the person you wish to become. Dive into your strengths and encourage your efforts to grow.

8. Knowledge x Action= Power

Knowledge is beautiful. However, if you never act upon that knowledge, it becomes wasted potential.

You don't need more books, motivation, or podcasts. You need to act. Now.

9. The Longer You Avoid the Problem, The Harder it Gets

The longer you wait to address or confront the thing you know you must do, the more the problem grows and the more self-respect you lose for yourself.

Do the hard thing; right away.

10. Learn How to Take the Blows

"This too shall pass." We all get hit in the mouth at times. Learn how to dance in the arena and take the blows.

Riding the waves of life are what makes it interesting, after all. If you get hit--- get back up, dust yourself off, and learn from it.

11. Our Deepest Desire is to be Loved

We all want to feel appreciated and loved. Love is hard. You must choose love and choose your partner every day.

A happy relationship requires two happy people. Do not try to change your partner. Grow and nurture love together.

12. Ask Better Questions

Seek wisdom by asking better questions. Become interested, not interesting.

Make better decisions; by asking better questions.

13. Brain Power

Update its software:

-Books, podcasts, experience

Protect its battery:

-8 hours of sleep, connect with nature, technology detox

Clean its hard drive:

-Meditate, journal, self-talk

14. Your Response

Learn to pause before responding. Within your response; is where your power lies.

15. Find a Coach

Find someone who can see your blind spots and give you feedback that you may not want to hear.

The right coach can help change your life and offer a clear framework for delivering results.

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